View your battery charge with this cool screensaver


  • Impressive design
  • Available as a wallpaper or screensaver


  • Only supports 240x20 at present


Tired of the same old mundane battery display on your phone? Then check out this gorgeous alternative now!

Based around the iPhone battery indicator, iBattery displays a large 3D icon on your phone's desktop with a colored indicator revealing how far down your power is. It starts green but if your battery runs down below a certain level it will turn red.

There are two different versions of iBattery: the first is a wallpaper that just displays the battery icon, whereas the second file is a screensaver that displays the time and the date as well, which I found the more useful. Be warned that you will need FlashLite installed in order to run iBattery.

The screen itself is well designed and is typical of the kind of style you'd expect from Apple. The only downside is that iBattery is currently only available for 240x320 displays, although the developer has hinted there is a 320x240 version in the pipeline.

Overall though, iBattery provides a clearer and cooler way to view remaining battery power on your mobile phone.

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